Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Material Culture Minute No.1 (#TMCM) Mystery Sphere from Fort Davidson

Last week I shared a project I've started working on called, "The Material Culture Minute".  TMCM will be a series of short videos focusing on one or two historical objects.  I plan on using these videos in class next year to introduce more material culture study into every unit.  

The plan is to introduce a new video every Monday on the blog and they will be cataloged on the TMCM page (link is in the menu on the right side of the blog).  Although these will be created for use with my classes, I am sharing them through a Creative Commons Attribution license for other teachers to use in their classrooms as well.

Make sure to click here for the video transcript, links to resources, and class discussion questions to accompany the video.

Here's to teaching history through objects,

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