Sunday, March 19, 2017

#OER Week! Day 1: Teaching Students to DO History

Welcome to #OER Week!

I'm excited to share resources that have helped make my classroom more engaging this year.  Throughout the week, I'll be sharing a variety of activities from my curriculum-early American history-complete with lesson plans and materials ready for use or for adaptation and links to companion resources online.  Although I teach history, and what I share reflects that, I hope teachers from other disciplines will find something useful for their classrooms as well.  I also hope to connect with other like-minded educators to share best practices and learn what's working in their districts.

For day 1 of #OER Week, I want to start at the beginning with a quick look at how I train students to do the work of history, rather than just memorize facts.

Day 1 Resources

How do you approach teaching students the purpose of history?

Tomorrow, I'll share my new favorite replacement for worksheets and paper-based assignments.
Until then,

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