Friday, March 31, 2017

How to Start Teaching with Objects in Only 5 Minutes**

Method #1

1. Make a copy of the "Object Story" template, available here.

2. Go to the Smithsonian Learning Lab online. 

3. Search for a topic you cover.

4. Choose an interesting object.

5. Copy and paste it inside the frame on the "Object Story" template.

6. Use as a bell-ringer, exit ticket, or in-class writing prompt.*

*I have students analyze with a quick 5W+H strategy.  Who, What, Where, When, and Why the object was created? How did the object either reflect or shape people during the time period?

Method #2

1. Print off the "Primary Source Analysis Tool" from the Library of Congress.

2. Locate the Library of Congress' "Digital Collections" page.

3. Search for a topic you cover.

4. Choose a collection to browse what objects are available.

5. Select and object and have students analyze it using the graphic organizer from the LoC.

**I realize browsing objects will take more than five minutes, but hopefully you see how easy it is to get started on creating an object-based classroom.

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