Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Power of Place

I was fortunate enough to share the power of place at Monticello and Mount Vernon with Social Studies teachers from across the state this past Friday and Saturday.  The Missouri Council for the Social Studies held its annual conference in St. Charles and featured speakers on a variety of topics related to the changing state of our field and best practices in the discipline and the classroom.

The quote above is from my presentation and has driven the reconstruction of my classroom this year to be more place- and object-based, utilizing material culture as a major component of our primary source investigative work.  I'm working on a blog entry on the power of place and its role in my classroom that I hope to post soon.

Below is my presentation and a link to the shared folder on Google Drive containing links and more information about people, places, and events mentioned in the presentation.

Shared folder on Google Drive

The Google Cultural Institute also has some great resources for teaching Jefferson and Washington that you should check out if you cover it in your curriculum, or for your own benefit.

Thomas Jefferson Foundation at Monticello
George Washington's Mount Vernon

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