Friday, March 24, 2017

#OER Week! Day 7: TED Talks and Innovation in the Classroom

Welcome to the final day of #OERWeek!

This week has been our Spring Break and I challenged myself to vlog each day, sharing resources from my classroom with anyone interested.  I've learned a lot and have been inspired to continue blogging my classroom.  After I get settled in to fourth quarter, I'll be sharing a post on what I learned by vlogging and blogging an entire week.  Until then, here's the vlog for Day 7 of #OERWeek.

This vlog is all about student innovation, one of the most important movements in education today.  I took Sir Ken Robinson's argument that schools kill creativity as a challenge and have tried turning students into curators and producers of historical content, instead of passive receptors.  

Day 7 Resources

Thank you all for joining me this week.  I hope you found inspiration for your classrooms and that you'll stay connected by subscribing to my YouTube channel, here at the blog, Live American History, and on Twitter @theshoe_cms.  

Stay hungry, learn and share, and keep education weird,

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