Thursday, March 23, 2017

#OER Week! Day 6: Engineering a Flood Prevention System for Cahokia

The STEM teacher and I created a new course called "History Lab!" this year for 7th graders.  In History Lab! we attempt to teach history through the STEM fields:


Our course is organized around competencies decided upon at the beginning of the year.  Every standard contains activities and student products that meet multiple competencies.  One of the competencies for History Lab! this year is Engineering.  

During this unit, students take charge of their own learning after being tasked with a historical problem: "How can we prevent flooding from destroying the Cahokian civilization?"

In today's vlog, I discuss how this activity looks in my room and how you can incorporate STEM challenges with little to no money or technology.

I hope you'll check in again tomorrow, our last day of #OERWeek, where we'll be talking student innovation and creating farm implements for George Washington.


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