Sunday, March 19, 2017

#OER Week! Day 2: Age of Exploration HyperDocs

Thanks for checking out Day 2 of #OER Week.

If you watched the vlog from yesterday, you know that one of my major goals is to train students to become historians themselves and not just Jeopardy champions.  I'm a proponent of learning through immersion and I pour a significant amount of primary source analysis, debate, and critical thinking activities into students' brain tanks.

I'm always looking for ways to engage and challenge my students without them revolting.   So, when I discovered Hyperdocs last year, (and all the hype they were getting), I was immediately interested and began investigating how I could use them with my students.

Day 2 Resources

Check back for tomorrow's post, in which I'll share an engaging way to assess students called App Smashing.

See you tomorrow,

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